PTA approaches WhatsApp over hacking scandal in Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) contacted the WhatsApp authorities over hacking of Pakistani accounts with a hacking software.

PTA approaches WhatsApp over hacking scandal in PakistanThe PTA issued official statement that that it was reported that hacking software has targeted Pakistani WhatsApp users. We have asked the WhatsApp authorities to share data of users whose accounts privacy was breached in a recent hacking scandal involving the messaging app.

PTA’s officials added that they have also inquired about the measures taken from the messaging app to tackle hacking advised

PTA advised public in the country to update WhatsApp application with latest version to avoid hacking incidents in future and and keep the device operating system up to date in order to save ourselves from such incidents.

PTA further requested public that users targeted in the recent hacking must approach the PTA authorities for remedy as soon as possible. Affected individuals are requested to contact PTA at email address or If you are unable to send email than visit PTA headquarters or nearest PTA Zonal office for assistance. Other than all these, register complainant via contact on helpline 1102.

Users of WhatsApp in Pakistan have asked WhatsApp to explain this kind of breach and what we are doing to safeguard the privacy of our accounts.

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