5 ways Facebook has changed Pakistan

Billions of people use Facebook around the world; the app has become an inevitable part of every person’s life. The impact it has created is huge and from a 10 years old kid to a 70 years old retired granddad, almost everyone knows about one app i.e. Facebook in Pakistan.

5 ways Facebook has changed PakistanIn Pakistan the situation is similar, the trend of social apps is rapidly growing here and Facebook has already made a strong mark for itself in the country. Here are 5 ways the app has changed Pakistan

1. Facebook has given us a voice

The ordinary citizen in Pakistan never possessed as much power as it possess today, years ago only the influential could have their voice heard because of the limited mediums but today every person having access to social media especially Facebook has the ability to share their views on pertinent issues. Facebook has become an open, unbiased medium allowing people to express what they feel like expressing. This has perhaps been the greatest change for Pakistan for it has made our people bold and brave.

2. Facebook changed the way we consume Content

Another important change is the consumption of content. Facebook has opened doors for fresh and engaging content, forcing people to think out of the box. Facebook users don’t just post about their personal lives; they also post news and content that are important to them. Political news, sports scores, funny videos — on Facebook, it’s all fair game. Our news feed serves as an encyclopaedia. We view content from around the world which opens up our horizon and help us in embracing latest trends. Alot of brands are now changing their content to suit the needs of the online platforms because on digital media the real king is content! 

3. Facebook has made distances a myth

Facebook made the world smaller, and it’s the most obvious, yet arguably the most important element of Facebook’s early legacy. Whether you’re chatting with old college friends abroad, or messaging your roommate from down the hall, Facebook has solidified itself as an important tool for staying in touch with those you love, as well as those you met briefly. The impact and usage of the app is constantly rising because of this factor and this has urged brands to offer free Facebook service as well.

Pakistani Telecom Company, Ufone, is one such brand which has recently launched a unique offer where on activation of Ufone Super Card Plus, Facebook access is free of charge for all features including photos, comments, likes, shares and video streaming. This will not only make it easier for people to connect with each other but free them from the hassle of acquiring expensive data packages.

4. Facebook has changed the way businesses operate

On the financial side, Facebook has brought major changes too. 10 years back online businesses did not exist in Pakistan but today every second venture has a strong online presence. One of the most common mediums for businesses to advertise their products and gain viewership is Facebook. The rise of social media, particularly Facebook, forced brands to rethink how they deal with customers. Now, if someone complains on a brand’s Facebook page or Twitter account, a customer-service rep responds.

News travels fast on social media, and the last thing a brand wants is for an angry a customer. People read Facebook reviews before opting for anything and over time it has become a trusted platform for both customers and businesses.

5. Facebook has changed economics

Decades before the only ideal way to earn money was by doing a 9 to 5 job but today the reality has completely changed, there are infinite options available for people whether it is through freelance opportunities published in Facebook groups or by making videos or by being a virtual assistant. Facebook groups have become such a great source of lead generation for people that it has completely eliminated the need to do office jobs. Social Media Marketing is another common way of earning online hence it won’t be wrong to say that your most profitable entity is Facebook itself.