37 films to screen at Beijing International Science and Technology Film Festival

Thirty-seven outstanding domestic and foreign films on subjects of science and technology will be screened at the Beijing Science Center, the Beijing Planetarium, the Paleozoological Museum of China, the Beijing Natural History Museum, and the Chaoyang Museum of Urban Planning.

37 Films to screen

Under the theme of “Beauty of Science,” the film festival consists of a series of events, including the opening ceremony, meet-ups with production teams, discussion panels, and special screening. The event focuses on the development and application of science and technology, while pushing ahead creative efforts in the popularization of science and the production of sci-fi works.

The films on exhibition are produced by 14 countries including China, Canada, the U.K., and Iceland, covering a wide range of subjects such as moon exploration, earth evolution, mythologies, extraterrestrial life, science and technology masters, and adorable animals. Audiences can enjoy an enhanced experience in full dome digital theaters and 4D motion theaters, and more conventional types such as 3D and 2D are available as well. It will also be the Chinese premieres for 10 films including “Cute Ones on Plateau,” “Life Behind the Stars,” “Arora,” and “Whale Dreams.” For detailed information of schedules and venues, please check the official WeChat account of the Beijing International Science Film Festival.

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