International conference PARACON-2019 held on 6th Nov in Lhr

The Department of Parasitology of the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences (UVAS) Lahore in partnership with Pakistan Society of Parasitologyis arranging International Conference on “Food Safety through Parasite Control” (PARACON-2019) will be held on 6th November at UVAS City Campus Lahore.

International conference PARACON-2019 held on 6th Nov in LhrThe PARACON 2019 aims at convening scientists and talented researchers from developing and developed countries resulting in the development of new collaborations and concepts. The PARACON 2019 will encompass all area of Parasitology: medical parasitology, veterinary parasitology, parasite ecology, diagnosis, control & treatment of parasites, vector control, wildlife parasitology, application biotechnology and molecular biology in Parasitology.

Renowned veterinary & medical practitioners, Parasitologists, scholars, researchers, academicians and experts from different countries, including USA, UK, Iran, Tunisia and all over Pakistan will be participating in the PARACON-19.

The conference will bring together veterinary & medical practitioners, Parasitologists, researchers, academia, post graduate students and professionals regarding “Food Safety through Parasite Control” with the latest research, sharing ideas and innovative knowledge.

Various scientific sessions consisting of thought provoking keynote and plenary lectures, oral and poster presentations will feature the event. 

Theme of the conference will cover all the major areas related to diagnostics, chemoprophylaxis, anti-parasitic and vaccines of parasites, zoonotic parasitic diseases and vector borne disease, role of veterinarians under one-health concept epidemiology and integrated pest management etc.

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