World computer congress highlights AI, 5G

The 2019 World Computer Congress was held  in Changsha, capital city of central China’s Hunan Province, highlighting artificial intelligence (AI) and other latest technologies.

World computer congress highlights AI, 5GThere are exhibition halls such as China Electronics, Huawei and China Unicom to showcase top-notch information technology and products at home and abroad.

The theme of this World Computer Congress conference is focusing on the innovation and development of core technologies and applications in the computer industry, in order to promote the deep integration of computers and intelligent technology.

Experts and company representatives worldwide gathered at the event to exchange views on the future trend of computer technologies and industries.

There were nine forums with the themes including 5G, AI algorithms and network security at the congress.

“The computer industry around the world is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges,” said Liu Lihua, former deputy head of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

“I have a feeling of traveling through time and space,” said Zhou Kun, an English teacher who gave a lesson from the city of Fuzhou, which is about 900 km away, to students in Changsha utilizing the technologies of 5G and holographic projection.

China, with the largest computer industry in the world, produced 310 million microcomputers in 2018.