Sogou announce voice recorder AI alliance

Chinese search engine Sogou has launched its dictation service for third-party voice recorder companies.The company has also founded a voice recorder AI innovation alliance with other brands including Sony, Aigo, Newmine and MSC Group.

Sogou announce voice recorder AI allianceThe alliance aims to revitalize and transform the traditional voice recorder industry by integrating traditional hardware devices with transcription services based on Sogou’s language-centric AI technologies and machine learning capabilities.

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Sogou’s dictation service will be fully compatible with over 90 percent of existing voice recorder products on the market and will provide a hardware and service ecosystem that benefits consumers, the company said.

Its dictation service is a full-service transcription solution that enables consumers to transcribe, store, and edit voice recordings for users on mobile and PC.

It provides unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in speech-to-text conversion by integrating Sogou’s advanced voice recognition technology and significant language database derived from the Sogou input method, said the company.

Sogou also launched three new color variations of C1, its AI recorder, which was first launched in March 2019.

The new Sogou AI recorder C1 supports the recording, transcription, translation and interpretation of both real-time and recorded conversations with 95 percent accuracy.


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