Huawei along with others start research on 6G network

5G networks have not even entered markets globally and Huawei has begun research on its 6G network, racing to develop the latest technology, as they anticipate to launch it in 2030.

Huawei along with others start research on 6G networkWhile over half the world is alienated from the 5G network, Huawei has not waited a second and has begun research on 6G at it’s research and development (R&D) center in Ottawa, Canada.

When Huawei began research on 5G technology in 2009, China had just begun issuing 3G licences. As the company races to develop the future technology, it is clear that it won’t become a reality until 2030.

In a previous interview, Ari Pouttu, director of Finnish ‘6Genesis’ said, “If 5G is the era of de-centralization of smart phones, then 6G will be the post-smartphone era and fully enter the Internet of everything.”

Huawei, however, is not the first one to begin this research. South Korean companies are also in the race, with LG setting up its 6G laboratory in South Korea this January. The South Korean government aims to begin developing 6G standards by 2021. France and the USA are soon to follow.

Earlier this year, the Finnish government also invested 25 million Euros in an eight-year 6G research project, ‘6Genesis’.

Although there is no news regarding the features of 6G currently, it is certain that 6G R&D is due to face many problems in terms of materials, manufacturing and energy consumption as currently, only 4-5 countries have managed to operate 5G successfully.

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