5G technology is featured at 26th Beijing Book Fair

Celebrated Tibetan author A Lai participated in a special interview, the opening day of the 26th Beijing International Book Fair. More precisely, it seemed not to have been A Lai who was doing the interview, but a holographic projected image of him.

5G technology is featured at 26th Beijing Book FairWith the support of 5G and holographic projection, people saw A Lai’s image in a special zone for “5G+reading” at the book fair being interviewed by a reporter, but he was actually miles away in another room. The internet speed ensured that the conversation went smoothly without any delay.

5G technology is a highlight of this year’s BIBF, the world’s second-largest international book fair which runs through Sunday. People want to explore how this new technology will play a role in reading, writing and publishing.

A Lai says he expects to see the application of such technology in this business. The interview he participated in shows how future readers worldwide could possibly take part in book launches by watching projected images of authors.

Fairgoers can also experience the combination of 5G and augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality applied in reading in the special “5G+reading” zone. On Saturday there will be a seminar featuring Chinese writer Liu Zhenyun and playwrights Mou Sen and Shi Hang, during which Liu’s image will be projected with the help of 5G.

“5G+reading will promote digital reading, and it will create many possibilities in the future,” said Zhang Yong, director of China Unicom’s institute of network technology.

This year’s fair is said to be the largest in its history. The overall exhibition area covers 106,800 square meters, attracting over 2,600 exhibitors from 95 countries and regions. More than 300,000 of the latest domestic and international books can be viewed, and more than 1,000 cultural activities will be held.

The activities include exhibitions, lectures, seminars, salons, book launches and many others.

One day before the opening of BIBF, the 13th Special Book Award of China was held in Beijing to honor 15 foreign writers, translators and publishers who have helped spread Chinese culture.

Romanian translator Ioan Budura was one of the award winners. He said he felt encouraged by the honor and wanted to “continue supporting the communication between China and Romania” in the future. Romania is also featured as the guest of honor of the fair this year.

A Beijing International Publishing Forum was also held on Aug 20 to discuss how to improve the quality of publishing content and promotion.

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