Workstation to link Lanzhou and Silicon Valley

The Lanzhou Science and Technology Innovation (Silicon Valley) Workstation has been launched at the Zhongguancun Silicon Valley Innovation Center in the United States.

Workstation to link Lanzhou and Silicon ValleyThe workstation is the official liaison organization and international exhibition window of Lanzhou in Silicon Valley and will be mainly engaged in scientific and technological innovation, international exchanges, and project promotion.

Wang Xu, member of the Lanzhou Municipal Committee and minister in the organization department, at the opening ceremony said that Lanzhou is developing new industries, technologies and formats, and is building a national, innovation-driven city in Northwest China.

“The establishment of the Lanzhou Science and Technology Innovation (Silicon Valley) Workstation is a new measure for Lanzhou, relying on the overseas resources of Zhongguancun, to carry out scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation,” Wang said.

The workstation will also establish a Silicon Valley Gansu talent pool to manage the introduction of overseas talent.

Linking with the Zhongguancun (International) holding company in the US, Lanzhou will build a network of talent from Gansu, especially Lanzhou, in Silicon Valley.

The workstation will also publicize Lanzhou’s policies on overseas talent, investment, and the environment.

“In the future, the station will introduce high-quality scientific and technological innovation elements in Silicon Valley, open up new channels for Lanzhou technology enterprises and scientific and technological achievements, and promote the high-quality development of the Lanzhou economy,” said Zhao Chen, head of the development planning department of the Lanzhou Science and Technology Bureau.

Lan Ning, director of the Lanzhou Science and Technology Bureau, said the workstation will expand new ways for Lanzhou to introduce sophisticated technologies, make scientific breakthroughs, and attract overseas investment and talent.

A new channel will also be opened for Lanzhou’s scientific enterprises and technologies to expand internationally.

The establishment of the workstation will link Silicon Valley and Lanzhou, establishing a platform, for Lanzhou and Silicon Valley to conduct high-level exchanges and partnerships in broader fields.


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