In quest of fame Tiktok user behind the bars

TikTok the fast and the leading destination for short videos heftily becomes the preferred app of choice to gain fame of seconds. In recent months, the eminent app packed down other prevalent platforms.

In quest of fame Tiktok user  behind the bars

In view of this fact, many users make unethical and illegal video clips to go viral to attain a lot of shares and like to get fame across globe. However, this young man Sajid Khan from Jhelum went a little too far and because of entertaining app ‘Tiktok’, he’s now serving jail time.

A young citizen Sajid Khan uploaded a gangster-style short video with some desi music in the background on TikTok for fun and fame. However, he was seen holding an illegal pistol in the video he uploaded.

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Considering the illegal possession of a 30-bore pistol send him behind the bars. The police arrested young man on the directives of DPO Jhelum as his video violates the law.

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A short fun clip made as a source of entertainment landed the young man in trouble as he is just posing with a gun can resulted in a serious incident it could be happened while making the video the trigger of the gun accidentally got pulled and the end is destructive.

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