BM steel mills cause significant air pollution in capital

BM steel mills at Humak causing significant air pollution in the Federal Capital and the quality of capital environment is depleting due to unchecked air and water contamination.

BM steel mills cause significant air pollution in capital

According to environmentalists, climate change observant disclosed that Islamabad owes elevated air pollution to steel mills, a prevailing source of air pollution, other than factors such as development projects.

The smoke coming from steel mills chimneys was black carbon that enclosed particulate matter. The black smoke was caused by the poor quality of fragment used by steel mills and furnaces.

Inhaling particulate pollution can increase risks of lung cancer, heart attacks, strokes and emergency room visits for people with asthma and heart problems among a host of other health problems.

Pakistan-Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) was monitoring the air quality where these steel mills were positioned. Pak-EPA must conduct a survey and raids on the steel mills that are contaminating the air vigorously.

The Pakistan-Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) must issued Environmental Protection Orders (EPO) to the steel mills and imposed fine on each industrial unit to save the environment.

We as a civilian must put safety first and close up or revamp the current system that decline to protect communities from the daily health hazards of peril pollution.

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