Huawei get back its access with US companies

Once again Huawei can conduct its business with American companies as the ban is lifted off the company. Considering this, Huawei can get back its access for now.

Donald Trump announced the news at a conference. The announcement was not finely detailed, yet it sounded hopeful for the company. In the vague announcement, Trump said

U.S. companies can sell their equipment to Huawei, we’re talking about equipment where there’s no great national security problem with it.”

Huawei can get back its access to the basic things like Google Android OS and Qualcomm processors. Though, Huawei is still in the Entity List. Trump even repeated his old statement and called Huawei a threat to the country.

The Entity list is like a trade blacklist which incapacitates any company (which is present on the list) from functioning in the US. It blocks any US companies from buying parts or components from the enlisted firms unless Government approval is issued.

However, even if the ban is completely lifted off the company, its damage will have a lasting effect. The longtime goal of tech giant Huawei of snatching the first place of the smartphone market from Samsung is not going to turn into reality soon.

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