Shanghai Sci-Tech Festival will start on May 15

Themed “Innovation”, the annual Shanghai Science and Technology Festival will kick off on May 15 and last for 12 days, Shanghai Municipal Government announced at a news conference. 

Shanghai Sci-Tech Festival will start on May 15
The festival is part of efforts to turn Shanghai into a scientific and technological innovation center of global influence, a strategy put forward by China’s President Xi Jinping in May 2014, said Ji Xiaoye, an official from the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission.

Activities including lectures, exhibitions and competitions will be held during the festival to further popularize scientific knowledge, promote scientific spirits and raise awareness for innovation, Ji added. 

According to Ji, more than 300 science education venues as well as some 100 key laboratories and research centers will be open to the public during the festival.

Bernard Lucas Feringa, a Nobel laureate in chemistry, and other distinguished scientists will walk on the red carpet at the opening ceremony.

The festival, which is aiming to expand its global influence, will also introduce cutting-edge technologies from around the world and invite foreign experts to share insights at international forums and salons to promote exchange and cooperation.

The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum will be hosting a themed exhibition entitled “Magic of Light and Shadow” that uses visual technology to create a unique viewing experience. Activities for teenagers will also be included, such as scientific experiments, stage plays and interactive programs.

“Cooperation will be carried out between schools and museums to better cultivate potential talents in the field of science and innovation,” said Ni Minjing, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.