Cotton farmers endure a yearly loss of Rs52 billion

As cotton had a very momentous role in our nation’s economy but unfortunately, cotton farmers suffered a yearly loss of Rs52 billion due to lower prices offerings of the commodity.

Cotton farmers endure a yearly loss of Rs52 billionKeeping in line, the disturbing concern that the farmers were compelled to grow other crops like sugarcane instead of cotton. Resultantly, the area planted with cotton had been endlessly shrinking.

The Ministry of National Food Security and Research said that besides this, the quality of cotton has dropped considerably because of a lack of conformity with the Cotton Control Act 1996, non-implementation of the quality-based seed pricing system and no capacity-building of cotton pickers.

As the farmer’s communities were not getting proper prices for their crops, moreover no declaration was given by the government in that regard at the time of cotton harvest. That becomes the reason of continuously declining the cotton production in the country.

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