Quantum Information Summer School 2019 at IBA

The second Quantum Information Summer School (QISS), scheduled from 15th to 18th July 2019 at IBA Karachi. QISS 2019 titled “Quantum Causal Structures” deals with analyzing causal structures via quantum theory.

Quantum Information Summer School 2019 at IBAThe meadow focuses on developing a structure to study quantum algorithms for a variety of practical applications including performing machine learning and predicting properties in chemistry.

The other sitting is analyzing causal structures to study quantum correlations where causal order of events is not predefined leading to superposition of causal orders.

Confer to the first QISS the topics to talk about are introduction to quantum information, quantum cryptography, quantum finite automata and implementation possibilities for a quantum computer.

The deadline to apply for Quantum Information Summer School is 15th June 2019.

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