PNS host conference on water problems in Pakistan

Pakistan Nuclear Society (PNS) organized a two-day conference on ‘Water Problems in Pakistan and their Solutions’ in collaboration with PAEC, PCRWR, PAS and PSF in Islamabad.

PNS host conference on water problems in PakistanThe ultimate aim of this conference is to gather all the experts and speakers under one roof from across the country to frame feasible solutions for water conservation in the country as the shortage of water affecting the whole life cycle and social economic circumstances of Pakistan.

General Secretary of PNS, Dr. Farhat Waqar stressed the role of PNS to promote awareness and understanding of nuclear science and technology in Pakistan. She told that PNS is regularly conducting seminars and lectures for the promotion of scientific achievements at national level.

President of PNS Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Chaudry said “Water availability, storage, supply and its quality are key issues, which the world is facing at present.”

Pakistan needs to have a strategy to fully exploit viable sources of water and manage its storage, in order to ensure that the Pakistani population will be able to meet its water requirements, in the long-run, he added.

Shams ul Mulk chief guest, former chairman WAPDA said that conference on water issues are need of the country as to talk about the modalities to take tangible steps to preserve water for next generation of the country.

Pakistan had never used its rights which were given under Indus River treaty. He said that it is need of time to have a water treaty with Afghanistan also because main source of river water in Pakistan comes from two neighboring countries.

The sum of two-day conferences summarized that the demands on water resources in Pakistan are increasing rapidly, which warrants to tackle the water issues at each level of the community.

The best potential way is achieved by educating the whole society and formulation of an effective water policy and its pitiless implementations.

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