Karachi Police captivate Facebook page for security

Technology is growing eagerly and the technological advancements also adapting quickly that revolutionized the country’s development day by day. Keeping in line, to carry on the good sanctuary conditions the Karachi Police took the high-tech to eliminate the criminal activities.

Karachi Police captivate Facebook page for securityConfer to that, Karachi Police Chief, Dr. Amir Shaikh created a Facebook Page, Karachi Police Office, where all the arrests of the day are updated and uploaded, beside all the positivity spread by the hard working Police Officers, all over the city.

The rationale for the page is not to only to demonstrate the goods and bad of the city but one can also register a complaint or can share a security issue despite of the matter with the Police, through social media.

Now the populace of Karachi can reduce the breach of domestic violence, rape, slavery, theft and many other pertaining issues where a person is, at times, bound with the restrictions on him/her.

Accessibility to Facebook isn’t really tough nowadays, making reporting police easier for the people. Apart from this, they have also provided a WhatsApp number, in case of an emergency, where one can call or message with instant replies to his/her complaint.

Karachi Police prevalent step aimed to build confidence amongst people, in regards to the conviction and faith they have in their security officials.

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