WIPO initiate AI-based image technology for brands

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has launched a new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based image (AIBI) search technology that makes it quicker and obvious to set up the uniqueness of a trade name in a target market.

WIPO initiate AI-based image technology for brandsAccording to a WIPO correspondent, the affirm of Artificial Intelligence-powered Image (AIBI) search tools is brands specific. Prior generation image search tools for the most part settle on trademark image resemblance by identifying shapes and colors in inscription.

Global forum for intellectual property WIPO’s new AI-based technology continues to be an enhancement on this technology by using deep machine learning to identify combinations of concepts.

Such as a crown, a car, a star , an apple, an eagle, a tree, within an illustration to discover similar marks that have beforehand been registered.

This kind of superior business intelligence is very useful in a globalized economy in which the volume of economic agents looking for brand fortification that intensifying rapidly.

The positive point about this upto date high-tech is that all users can right to use the AI search technology for free through WIPO’s Global Brand Database, where it has been completely integrated into the database search engine. 

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