World’s largest pearl, worth $90 million unveiledThe cream and white-coloured pearl, which is about the size of a baby, belongs to Abraham Reyes, a Mississauga, Ont., man, who inherited it from his aunt.

“I first saw this when I was younger. I was around 7 years old,” Reyes told CTV News Channel. “The value of those things never played in my mind.”

Reyes’ aunt, who lived in Manila and enjoyed collecting antiquities and shells, received the pearl from her father in 1959. She passed it down to Reyes.

“My goal is to have it brought to the museums or even galleries for the world to see it,” Reyes said.

He wants to teach the public about the history of pearls and why they are so valuable, as well as to raise environmental awareness.

“Natural pearls are a reflection of our delicate ecosystem,” he said.