Crighter – a life changing security app developed

As, we all aware of the looming detrimental environs. To get rid of the nature of act a budding 18 year old freelancer and entrepreneur, Faizullah Arain developed Crighter, an app that goals to combat crime by empowering the potential victim to get assist promptly.

Crighter - a life changing security app  developed

The prevalence feature of the crime fighting app permits one to tale the crime and its doer and even makes a decision regard to secure routes for touring.

The Crighter works like;  you enroll getting into your specifics in addition to these of your close acquaintances (ideally reliable people like your mother and father and guardians).

When you’ve consummate that, the app is prepared for use by urgent the “Begin” button on the interface. The app is conveniently adequate, even works when your telephone is in sleep mode.

Every time you feel like you’re in danger, you should make use of Crighter to alert your contacts. Moreover, the app captures stable pictures for 5 seconds and moreover audio information, location, and date.

This information can play a significant place in pursuing a criminal act investigation towards the doer who can in due course be dropped at justice.

Crighter makes use of shrewd maps to mean you can enter your route and present you the “Secure”, “Regular” and “Harmful” paths so that you are able to make safer choices with regard to your journey.

Faizullah Arain developed such a productive app that secures million of valuable lives who unintentionally becomes a victim of crime.

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