Apple revealed its own credit card & gaming service

Apple revealed one big surprise: its very own credit card and a gaming service, apart from announcing its Apple TV Plus and Apple News Plus service.

Apple revealed its own credit card & gaming serviceThe firm’s credit card ‘Apple Card’ also made its first appearance, which is backed by Goldman Sachs and Mastercard.

Apple Card is different from other credit card since it’s made out of titanium and stripped of all functional numbers including credit card number, CVV, signature or expiration date, and contains the iconic Apple logo on the front

User can sign up for the card on their iPhone and, once approved, the card is stored digitally on the Wallet app where the user can view their statements, balance, and payment due dates.

The app also tags locations and retailers to help user browse through transactions and remember where they made that purchase.

Also, each purchase is made through FaceID or TouchID and the card produces new security codes every time the user makes a purchase. Details on what a user has purchased are also stored locally to prevent potential ad targeting.

It also offers a 2% cash back reward (3% on purchases made with Apple) that is paid daily into the Apple Pay account and can be used towards paying credit card balance, in-app purchases, or transferring to friends.

Also, as per Apple, there are no annual, late fees, no fee for using the card internationally or increased interest rates for late payments, instead the interest fees will be ‘among the lowest in the industry’. The Apple Card will be made available by this summer.

Meanwhile, Apple also introduced Apple Arcade gaming subscription service, a subscription to games that are available through the App Store and will include access to over 100 games that are exclusive to iOS.

User will also be able to play games across Apple devices including the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and a Mc computer, and also will be available for offline play.

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