Pakistan seeks alliance with UAE in space programme

Pakistan is in preliminary talks with the UAE for latent collaboration in space programme such as satellite manufacturing and related-applications as disclosed by the secretary of Suparco, Dr. Arif Ali.

Pakistan seeks alliance with UAE in space programme

Dr. Arif enlightens that “If you have more satellites in space, then you have more opportunities of having international collaboration. At the same time, you gain something for your country and offer something beneficial for humanity. We believe in the peaceful use of outer space.”

Pakistan participated for the first time and shared their satellite-related projects with everyone in the Global Space Congress. Pakistan government body, The Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) represented the country at the event.

Pakistan plan to send their first astronaut into space by 2022. Pakistan currently has four remote-sensing and communications satellites in total- two ground stations and two in orbit.

Through international collaborations Pakistan can heed far-flung and it’s the biggest accomplishment for the country if have space amenities.

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