PASSCO to get hold of potatoes from farmers

Potatoes are an important food staple and erect number one vegetable in the world. Confer to that the standing committee on National Food Security and Research has asked the government to kick off instant procedures to take in hand the present state of potato crop.

PASSCO to get hold of potatoes from farmers

Pakistan Agricultural Storage and Services Corporation (PASSCO) should be decree to get involved and acquire potatoes from the farmers otherwise sowing of next crops would not be promising for them.

The federal government was aware of the dilemma of agriculture sector, but after the lapse agriculture was a matter of provinces disclosed by the secretary ministry of food security.

The Managing Director PASSCO affirmed that his company is responsible for the food security at national level by maintaining strategic reserves of wheat and other explicit products.  He further informed that PASSCO had been procuring wheat from the notified areas as per targets set up by the federal government.

Keeping in view, the committee directed corporation to enhance its wheat storage capacity in different areas apart from construct of cold storage especially in the potato growing areas for assistance to the farmers.

The committee also recommended for release of required funds to PASSCO to meet its infrastructure development requirements.

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