Google disclose new shopping ads on google images

Google announcing a new product discovery option “shoppable ads on Google Images” which will enable brands to reach consumers who are searching via Google Images.

Google disclose new shopping ads on google images

The new “shoppable ads on Google Images” will enable businesses to highlight multiple products available for sale within their sponsored ad, which will appear among targeted Google Images results.

Google says that it’s currently testing the option with a small subset of queries related to searches like “home office ideas”, “shower tile designs”, and “abstract art”.

Furthering this, Google also notes that an increasing number of advertisers are now using the platform’s “Showcase Shopping ads“, which enable brands to promote their products via highlighted feeds.

Given the rising interest in the option for other formats, Google is now also bringing its Showcase Shopping tool to relevant Google Image queries as well, which will enable brands to add ‘social-like‘ feeds that occupy prime real estate near the top of the screen.

Google’s also offering new ways for brands to upload more of their product information, which will enable Google to further showcase relevant product matches and details within relevant search queries.

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