Dexterity for quality Mango Garden

Mango considered as a very kind fruit because of its delicious taste, fragrance and bulk of vitamins. Mango garden is very tough in nature but the plus point is it requires a minimum maintenance cost.

Dexterity for quality Mango Garden

Given below some protections and recommendations confer to the mango gardening are;

  • Mango gardens save proper moisture in root zone and reduce the moisture under the plants.
  • Low moisture can save plants from diseases and hoeing can reduce moisture with extra benefit of insect eggs discarding.
  • In normal weather foliar application of 2 % potassium nitrate to enhance flowering and reduce leaves or leaf bunches.
  • For preventing measure apply Scour or Topsin-M fungicide.
  • Don’t irrigate plants during bud formation to control vegetative growth.
  • During flowering apply 1 kg sulphate of potash and 0.75 kg urea.
  • Apply zinc sulphate 250g and Boron 100g per plant during flowering if it has not applied after fruit picking.
  • Prepare mixture of pesticide and fungicide if there is insect attack.
  • For powdery pesticides use tilt, natovo, karyotop etc.

December Month Recommendations

  • Around the trees of mango spread the 6 month old farm yard manure in circle. Use the amount of farm yard manure with respect to plants age. e.g for 15 years old plant use 75kg farm yard manure.
  • If anyone has not applied phosphorus fertilizer at time fruit picking then he can apply triple super phosphate or single super phosphate in December so that plants can uptake it till February.
  • To save young plants or nursery from frost use plastic cover, other plants branches or wheat/ rice straw.
  • Use boardex mixture on tree trunk and also on main braches. Use calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate and water in 1:1:10 ratio.
  • The aphid population that is escape under the tree bark it should be controlled by using proper pesticides by using nab-sack sprayer machine.
  • To control millibug apply 1 feet wide plastic or polythene sheet around tree trunk and pruned of the low lying branches that touch the ground level.
  • Keeping in view the weather conditions apply light irrigation during frosty night. While over irrigation should be avoided.
  • Keep in mind the pruning of dry branches can be done in any season throughout the year.
  • Make 2 feet wide pits around the tree trunk in case of soil having more salts so that salts can accumulate.
  • Never apply nitrogenous fertilizer during December month.

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