Shanghai restricted on the use of disposable waste

Shanghai has issued restrictions on the use of disposable waste in the service industry in an effort to reduce waste generation. The full text of the “Shanghai Household Waste Management Regulations”, aimed at promoting waste sorting was officially released.

Shanghai restricted on the use of disposable waste

The regulations state that the party, government organs and institutions shall not use disposable paper cups. Hotels are prohibited from providing disposable daily necessities such as toothbrushes and combs, while service providers are prohibited from providing free disposable chopsticks, spoons and other tableware.

The regulations will come into effect starting July 1. Those who do not comply with the regulations and fail to make the necessary changes within the prescribed period will face a fine between 500 and 5000 yuan (about 75-750 US dollars).

Local authorities believe the excessive use of disposable items is one of the major contributors to the growth of household waste, and say it is necessary to properly limit the practice. At the same time, the environmental requirements and the actual needs of consumers should be balanced.

As Ding Wei, one of the representatives of the Municipal People’s Congress in Shanghai said the household waste management is a gradual process and service industry could provide disposable items if needed.


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