Third Conference on Environmental Sustainability

Third Conference on ‘Challenges and Possibilities for Environmental Sustainability with a Focus on Pakistan’ held on 20th February, 2019 organized by the Department of Environmental Science and Policy at Lahore School of Economics, Pakistan.

Third Conference on Environmental Sustainability

The conference is focused on particular areas including ‘Social and Ecological Impacts’ and ‘Tools for Remediation’ along with the technological, economic and policy mediation being pursuit at local, national, and international levels.

Dr. Zaigham Abbas Deputy Director (Chemical) NPC/NIP Project, Ministry of Climate Change, Islamabad received shield from Rector Lahore School of Economics as chair of session during the third symposium on environmental sustainability in the perspective of Pakistan to comprehend the environmental, social and economic extent of environmental crises.

Researchers from diverse academic fields, affected group of people and civil society activists, as well as local policy-makers and planners share their knowledge and experience in order to augment the argument on understanding and encountering these environmental challenges.

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