Freelancers from Digiskills earn over $29 per day

Pakistan’s first hefty scale program ‘Digiskills’ an initiative of Ignite and Ministry of Information and Technology was launched back in 2018 to endow youth with training linked to freelancing skills.

Freelancers from Digiskills earn over $29 per day

Digiskills an online intermediate digital skills training platform released its first freelancers graduating batch statistics, from this program freelancer graduate are earning nearly 29 dollars a day (more than 4,000 Pakistani Rupees per day) on average.

According to the earnings report and projections the freelancers who graduated have collective more than 82,000 US dollars in earnings, with the annual earning estimated to be around 11 Million dollars.

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Digiskills foremost batch, a total of 5,552 individuals were trained out of which 2,2294 individuals are at present earning through freelancing. The total cost of training one individual through this program comes out to be about 7 dollars.

Freelancing is one area where the government sees a lot of productivity to generate a quick and trouble-free source of income for the unemployed in Pakistan. It is predictable that each individual in this program will grant approximately 7,526 percent rate of return.

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