Pakistan Citizen Portal shortlisted at WGS in Dubai

Pakistan Citizen Portal App is the first ever government app shortlisted at the World Government Summit (WGS) in Dubai this year. The application is presented by Dr. Muhammad Akif Khan, Deputy Coordinator e-Governance at PMRU all along with his peer Adil Raza.

Pakistan Citizen Portal shortlisted at WGS in Dubai

The citizen portal has made headlines in the best citizen service delivery as it is an integrated system for recording and redressing citizen’s complaints against the performance of government departments.

The World Government Summit (WGS) is a global platform to shaping the future of governments nationwide. Each year, the Summit sets the calendar for the next generation of governments, focusing on how they can belt innovation and technology to solve challenges.

Kamran Bangash, special assistant to the Chief Minister KP on Information Technology emphasized that “The app is among the top three and we hope to win the first position. It will be an honor for the country.”

Pakistan citizen portal application got selected by the government of UAE as per of response was good to the common man. The accomplishment of the app would improve Pakistan’s image.

Shortlisting highlights that the government is solemn in providing facilities to all citizens andendorsed that the government is using modern technology to intermingle with the public.


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