Wi-Fi smart wall poster displays weather forecast

An Australia-based startup has introduced a new Wi-Fi connected smart poster that changes color and also turns weather into a kind of wall art.

Wi-Fi smart wall poster displays weather forecast

A startup has recently created a limited-edition poster that displays weather forecasts and changes color according to the upcoming weather, a creation that designer oli Woods claims to be more artistic and less obtrusive.

The poster called the Typified Weather Poster, is made up of conventional extra-thick paper and is mounted under glass within an oak frame, over top of an electronics-containing plastic back plate.

The beauty of the frame lies in the heat-sensitive smart ink that is used to screen-print the poster’s weather symbols. Four times of the day are listed – 8AM, 12PM, 4PM and 8PM – with three symbols assigned to each time  a sun, a cloud, and a rain/precipitation cloud.

As the poster receives updated forecasts from the internet via Wi-Fi across the day, its back plate selectively heats one of those symbols for each time. This leads to the relevant symbol to stand out by turning white, while the others blend in with the background by remaining blue.

The entire device weighs 1.6 kg and is plugged into an electrical outlet. Also, the smart ink fails to work properly in room temperature over 29ºC. Moreover, the poster is expected to ship out in July costing at an early bird price for $134.

Also, the Weather Poster only gets free forecast data for two years after which the person would have to pay $7.50 a year for the weather data.

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