5G self-driving bus tested in Chongqing

A self-driving bus assisted by the 5G mobile network is on a test run in Chongqing, a vehicle-manufacturing powerhouse in southwestern China.

5G self-driving bus tested in Chongqing disclosed by authorities.5G self-driving bus tested in Chongqing

The self-driving bus, equipped with technologies such as Controller Area Network and laser radar, and is able to complete all autonomous operations with the assistance of the 5G mobile network. 

As, technology transform vigorously and innovative tech gadgets are evolving day by day with an aimed to endow the community by using up to date technologies.

The electric-powered 12 seater has a designed maximum speed of 20 km per hour.

The bus was co-developed by China Mobile, tech giant Huawei, Southeast University and French company Easy Mile.


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