Spell of rain beneficial for crops except mango growers

The current spell of rains has remained largely beneficial for crops as overnight rain received in Multan and its neighboring areas so far, except for mango growers.

Spell of rain beneficial for crops except mango growers

Agriculture Information Officer Naveed Asmat Kahlon said that rain not only washed away dirt from the air and plants, but also provided much needed water and nitrogen from the air to wheat and other crops.

Mango farmers needed to be vigilant adjacent to the possibility of bacterial infection and Anthracnose attack.

Dirt on plant leaf was disturbing the food pattern process within plants but rain washed it away to facilitate plants recommence process with full potential for better growth.

The spell of rain would benefit crops, including gram and Masoor, in rain-fed areas. Rain also addressed problem of low availability of water in canals as long as water meeting crops’ requirements to sufficient level.

However, increase in humidity level can be a ground of concern for mango farmers as higher humidity may generate bacterial infection and raises possibility of Anthracnose attack.

Mango farmers should go for post-rain assessment of their farms and seek expert’s advice to combat the rising problem.

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