Climate change severe hazard to sugarcane crop

Climate change is disturbing production of sugarcane crop and there is awful need to combat the disaster of climate change. In this regard, everyone and most important farmers must be aware of the impact of climate change.

Climate change severe hazard to sugarcane crop

Keeping in line, Professor Dr Aaleem Ahmed Khan, professor at Environmental Science Department, Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan told that climate change posed a serious threat to sugarcane crop.

Dr Aaleem recommended farmers not to feed sugarcane crop during tremendous summer or winter season as the crop remained under stress and could not avail maximum benefits of fertilizers.

Farmers not to pitch granules directly in sugarcane crop but to mix it in irrigation water. The mixing of granules in irrigation water would be more beneficial. The direct throwing of granules in sugarcane field hurt wildlife as the birds pick the poisonous chemical and died.

President Kissan Ittehad (Khanewal) Ramzan Jheed clued-up that the sugarcane farmers were already irritated due to shortage of production this year. The farmers were not taking interest in cultivation of sugarcane which also resulted into decrease in cultivation area.

The government should take steps to make sure reasonable and timely return of payment to farmers against their production from sugar mills owners otherwise there would be crisis of sugar in the country.

Assistant Director Agriculture Information Naveed Asmat Kohloon said that the rain would have positive impact on wheat, sugarcane, maize, vegetables and some other crops. The process of photosynthesis had gone affected due to dust on leaves. The crops were with superior command of rain. He urged farmers to be concerned regarding weeds.

Sugarcane research institutes should be improved on modern lines for preparation of climatic change resistant varieties otherwise country’s sugarcane farmers and industry would suffer in future.

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