Farmers to cut-off cotton sticks from farmland till Jan

Agriculture Professionals admonished farmers to abolish cotton sticks from fields before 31st of Jan due to the hazards related to pink bollworm. Framers need to apply Chisel plough so that pink bollworms undergo diapause and their Pupae get killed.

Farmers to cut-off cotton sticks from farmland till Jan

In case of absence of Chisel plough, farmers can also apply ordinary plough so that pink bollworm and their Pupae come out on soil surface to be eaten by birds.

Agriculture extension combined teams and pest warning wing were moving from village to village to notify farmers about the hazards linked to pink bollworm.

Pink bollworm is a dangerous pest, which after end of cotton picking, survives on cotton crop leftovers to complete life cycle. The cotton sticks cut from the field should be exposed before sunlight in smaller bundles which must be kept in vertical position in a way that their one end has support of a wall and the other end near the roots touching the ground.

The bolls on these sticks carry pink bollworm undergoing diapause and consequently are destroyed. Those who want to keep cotton sticks as wood fuel should keep changing position of the sticks so that bollworm turn into Pupae and get killed.

Agriculture department pest warning wing was also installing scent traps at plenty of cotton sticks, at ginning factories and oil mills to keep an eye on pink bollworm.

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