Effect of Climate change on Insect population

In recent studies sharp decline is reported in the population of beneficial insects due to climate change. According to some people insects are bad things. But in reality insects are main component of food webs.

Effect of Climate change on Insect population

The insects have direct link with our daily routine life some insects are beneficial for human, Animal and plants, but some are harmful. If there is decrease in the population of insects, it will decrease the population of insect depending plant and animals.

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How insects help in Plant and animal survival

The plants need pollination for their reproduction, in most of the plants pollination is done by insects because they help in the transportation of pollen grains from male plant to female plant.

The most of the animals eat insects including frogs, lizards, and birds they good source of protein. So insects are compulsory for survival of plants and animals while plants and animals for Humans.

Temperature effect on Insects

As we know that climate change is a serious concern for food security. The life cycle of insects is directly related to temperature. If temperature increases then population of the insects also increase due to sustainability in the incubation period for long time this brings their negative impact on crops, human and animal health.

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Pesticide impact on insects

Pesticides are designed to kill the insects which are harmful for crops and animals. But the disadvantage of pesticide is that they kill both harmful and beneficial insects.

If eco-friendly insects killed it will be great loss for crops. The pesticide can be harmful for animal if it is apply directly on animal skin for insect killing and also through intake of pesticide applied crop.

Vector borne diseases

The vector borne tropical diseases are serious threat for public health. It the summer duration is more as compare to winter then parasite will survive of more time due to favorable environment for their growth.

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So if vector borne parasite presents for more time in environment then the chances of vector borne diseases occurrence will increase. The best example for increase in vector borne diseases is dengue virus, Malaria, Chickenguania virus and Congo virus.

Muhammad Shafi Hasni1*, Muhammad Kasib Khan1, Muhammad Nadeem, Zaheer Abbas  

  1. Department of Parasitology, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan

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PhD Scholar

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