OPPO unveils hyper boost technology for boosting smartphone

OPPO Mobile, announced the launch of OPPO Hyper Boost, its full-scenario, system-level performance boost engine. Hyper Boost helps elevate the overall user experience through improvements in the power consumption and performance of Android smartphones.

OPPO unveils hyper boost technology for boosting smartphone

Developed extensively over the years prior to unveiling, OPPO Hyper Boost is designed to accommodate a wide range of usage scenarios and behaviors.

A proprietary solution for optimizing system-level resource allocation on smartphones, Hyper Boost is a great example of OPPO’s strength and understanding in the system-level optimization of the Android platform.

Ryan Chen, Head of the Software Research Center of the OPPO Research Institute, said, “Our journey toward improving the system performance of smartphones dates back to 2015. We are proud to see the launch of OPPO Hyper Boost, the result of constant improvements and optimizations.

Its ability to optimize resource allocation on Android systems helps overcome the power consumption and performance challenges when smartphones are running heavy-load applications. This cutting-edge technology has demonstrated our industry-leading strength in technical innovation and our commitment to bringing the best experience to our users. ”

George Long, CEO, OPPO Pakistan said, “OPPO believes in continuously innovating for its customers to give them the perfect smartphone experience. It has always taken pride in being the first to introduce technologies in the market.

After introducing the VOOC flash technology, we now have brought to the market a new technology to ensure that customers have the most efficient power usage in their phones. We are very excited about the Hyper Boost Technology and hope that customers are too.”

Hyper Boost works by enabling real-time “two-way dialogue” between applications and system resources. After having recognized the various scenarios and user behaviors from different applications and game programs, Hyper Boost comprehensively optimizes the allocation of resources across the system to specific needs.

This helps ensure better utilization of hardware resources, faster response speed of applications and game programs, and smoother operation of the overall system.

 Consisting of three parts, Hyper Boost offers comprehensive acceleration for smartphones at three levels: system, game, and application.

  • System engine: Hyper Boost delivers system-level optimization across the Qualcomm and MediaTek platforms. The system engine provides over 50 solutions for optimizing the utilization of the underlying hardware resources against 20-plus software scenarios and 20-plus software behaviors, ensuring that users have a smooth and stable experience in almost every common scenario. This optimization helps general applications achieve up to 31.91% shorter loading time.
  • Game engine: One of the smartphone manufacturers to first work with Tencent, Netease and game engines such as Unreal, Unity and Cocos, OPPO is well-equipped to implement underlying optimization on the Top 100 mobile games. This game engine provides optimization for 11 of the most popular mobile games on the market, such as the “Honor of Kings” and “PUBG”. Its polymorphic network acceleration technology can intelligently distribute the traffic between the cellular and Wi-Fi data network channels. This optimization reduces the overall network latency to offer players a more relaxing and smooth gaming experience.
  • Application engine: Platform-level applications including WeChat, Mobile Taobao, and Mobile QQ have been among the first applications that Hyper Boost targets for optimization. The optimization provides dramatic acceleration in 39 common usage scenarios for users of these heavily used applications.

Thanks to close collaboration with various partners – OPPO combined the optimization engines with devices, chip platforms, applications across the industry chain – Hyper Boost provides a type of underlying optimization that will lead to a fully elevated user experience for Android smartphones.

With a continued focus on “user needs” and “cutting-edge technology”, OPPO has maintained an increasingly strong position in its areas of strength such as fast charging and image photography.

The company is also expanding its footprint into fields like 5G and artificial intelligence (AI) as part of an effort to enhance its capabilities in technical innovation.

This year marks several milestones in OPPO’s focus on technical innovation, including applied technologies like Hyper Boost, AI ultra-clear night scene, Super VOOC fast charging, 3D structured light and TOF.

Additionally, OPPO successfully tested 5G signalling and data linking using a refitted R15 smartphone, representing a pioneering move that brings 5G smartphones to maturity.

In its dedicated pursuit of technical excellence, OPPO continues to bring its profound technical expertise and heritage into full play.

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