IdeaGist collaborates with Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre MUET

IdeaGist, international digital incubation platform based in Bloomington – Minnesota at the United States, has recognized Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre (IEC) of Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro as one of its founding members for its Emerging Technology Accelerator (ETA) program.

Mehran University of Engineering & Technology Jamshoro

Under this recognition, the Centre will address, in collaboration with IdeaGist, the impact that emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), 3D printing, smart robots, and intelligent vehicles projected to have on global workforces. 

According to founder and CEO Hassan Syed, global communities need to get ready now for the disrupting nature of emerging technologies and their potential impact on the way the world conducts business, oversees workforce, and influences innovation by developing capacity and demand.

 He said that capacity planning is the process of determining the production capacity an organization needs to meet changing demands for its products.

 He further said that for small and disadvantaged communities, the cost of assessing, planning, and executing capacity and demand is prohibitive. However, suspending capacity and demand planning for too long can cripple disadvantaged communities and bring about devastating financial and social concerns. 

IdeaGist’s Emerging Technology Accelerators (ETA) initiative focuses on capacity building in seven key emerging technologies: AI, 3D printing, blockchain, internet of things (IoT), augmented reality, intelligent vehicles, and smart robots. 

The goal is to have 100 communities worldwide join IdeaGist’s ETA by the end of 2018. Under the initiative, IdeaGist will provide a platform for knowledge transfer between participating communities, enabling them to both provide and receive talent, technology, and training collaboratively.

Economic development agencies, educational institutions, science & technology parks, accelerators and incubators and other organizations that join the initiative will have exclusive access to global knowledge transfer portals for each technology represented in the program.

Vice Chancellor of MUET, Jamshoro, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Aslam Uqaili said that MUET feels proud to be member of IdeaGits’s Emerging Technology Accelerators program. This recognition shows the way how MEUT adopts global challenges to resolve through incubation.

Startups companies working at IEC will benefit much from the recognition. We are aimed at resolving social issues through research, incubation, and entrepreneurship culture within the university’s faculty, students, and staff.

The manager of IEC expressed that it is proud moment not only for IEC but for whole MUET community. He congratulated startups working in the Centre on different business ideas.

He said that the mentoring, guidance, and assistance provided to the startups at the IEC will be enhanced and the Centre will go through more international opportunities like IdeaGist Emerging Technology Accelerators to contribute to the culture of social entrepreneurship in the society. 

Technology plays a critical role in addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges, and also poses significant economic and social risks if communities don’t plan ahead.

The world is entering a fourth Industrial Revolution, so it is vital that shared norms and protocols are developed to ensure that technology serves humanity and contributes to a thriving and sustainable future.

The following international organizations have joined IdeaGist’s ETA initiative as founding members: 

  • Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero S.p.A., Italy 
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (IEC) Mehran University, Pakistan 
  • Bir Ventures USA Ltd. 
  • Birla Institute of Management Technology, India 
  • Business & Innovation Center, Macedonia 
  • CSU Chico State Center for Entrepreneurship, USA 
  • Global Incubation Services (GINSERV), India 
  • The Institute for Innovators and Entrepreneurs at Hamline University, USA 
  • International Institute for Knowledge and Innovation (I2KI), USA 
  • Malaysian Technology Development Corporation, Malaysia 
  • META Foundation. Italy 
  • The Research Institute for the NY State University at Binghamton, USA
  • Signature Entrepreneurship Academy, South Africa 
  • Sukkur IBA University, Pakistan 
  • Universidad del Mayab, Mexico
  • Youngstown Business Incubator, USA 

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