Pakistan will be the first country to test 5G network and will stand out to be the first Asian country to launch 5G for testing in2020, said, the State Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication, Anusha Rahman. The State Minister’s spokesperson Saghair Watto said that preparation to roll out the 5G technology is on the way to ensure its benefits be reaped as soon as possible.

5G cellular networking is 40 times faster than 4G and enables user to access faster internet

License for 4G sold for $295 million. JAZZ Communications JAZZ Communications added 10% that is $300 million to bid price. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) reported that country has significantly grown and hit a record 40.56 million mobile internet users in April 2017.

“5G will have a massive impact as it is 40 times faster than 4G and the beneficiaries like industries, the government, companies, and individual users will soon appreciate its faster working speed as 5G has10 Gigabits per the second capacity ”, said Saghair Watto.

Mobile internet usage has risen in the world specifically in Pakistan. People are connecting from one corner to other in the world using social networks accessing them via mobile internet.

The penetration of broadband in Pakistan has increased 29 percent from 3 percent in a very short time.

The huge uptake of 4G has successfully fueled testing and launching of 5G network in Pakistan.

These developments towards testing and eventual launch of the 5G network in Pakistan have been fueled by the huge uptake of the 4G network. The spectrum license for the 4G network was sold for $295 million.