STAFF REPORT LHR: The 4th Iconic Robotics Expo organized by Information Technology University at Arfa Kareem Software Technology Park. Dr Umar Saif, Vice Chancellor of the ITU headed the closing ceremony while Dr Nizam ud Din, Chairperson, Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) was the chief guest.

ITU students designed and built 15 robot prototypes to tackle locally applicable challenges of Pakistan.

Dr Nizam ud Din appreciated the role of ITU students for their outstanding performance and efforts I robotics. He told the audience that PHEC is focused upon to eliminate the local relevant issues and has started funding for research projects and innovations focusing the same. He emphasized the need based and applied research to resolve the local challenges.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Umar Saif said, “Robots are transforming the 21st Century as the computers transformed the 20th Century. They are everywhere in the society and plays an important role in our daily lives”. He further added that Pakistan is lagging behind in the technological race of robot manufacturing, but not anymore, the young engineers of our country specially the ITU students are changing this situation.

“Robotics is composed to become a 70 billion dollar industry by 2025. Our ambition is to bring Pakistan top of the list in the global revolt of robotics. This is overwhelming experience to see our undergrad students thrive and approaching through the challenges”, said by Talha Rehmani, Lead of robotics programme at ITU.

The highlight of the event was the 11-year-old programming prodigy, Muhammad Raza, who is serving as a Research Assistant of Talha Rehmani.

The projects by students showcased Bazooka, a drone designed to break reinforced tempered double-glazed glass and deliver life-saving equipment to people trapped in high-rise buildings in the event of fire or natural disasters. It is one of kind drone an essential life-saving, low-cost portable ventilator with adult and infant modes, to address the chronic shortage of ventilators in hospitals in Pakistan. Infusion Pump a medical product that ensures safety against injectable medicines over dosage and administers drugs at a rate lower than 0.1 ml per hour to patients. Octosynth plays National Anthem of Pakistan and other songs with fruits, water or coins. It is a learning mechanism for children with learning disabilities. Aladdin: Control drones, lights, and countless devices with the gesture of your body.

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