Students urged to transform innovative ideas into business

STAFF REPORT PESH: University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar has organized an awareness seminar on UNIDO

Global Cleantech Innovation Programme for SMEs and Starts Up in Pakistan.

The seminar informed the students about how to participate in this years clean technology competition and win up-to

$20,000. The seminar was organized by the Mechnaical Engineering Department, UET Pehsawar, with Dean Faculty of

Engineering Prof. Dr. Noor Muhammad in the chair.

Dean Faculty of Engineering, UET Peshawar, Prof. Dr. Noor, in his speech urged the students not to underestimate

themselves. “You have the ability to face any challenge and have to use your abilities by having confidence in yourself,”

He said while emphasizing the students to participate in the competition at the maximum. He assured the UNIDO delegation

that the students of UET Peshawar will participate in number higher than last year.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Shahina Waheed, National Programme Coordinator UNIDO, speaking on the occasion the idea

of the Global Cleantech Innovative Programme is all about developing an innovation into successful business.

She said that UNIDO wants to provide a platform to the students to become an entrepreneur by transforming their

innovative ideas into business.

Technical Expert Cleantech Pakistan Mr. M. Hammad Bashir Saeed informed the students about the Award and how to

participate in it. He said that the finalists will be taken to the United States where the global awards will be announced.

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