Dr. Zabta made UNESCO commission member

STAFF REPORT ISB: UNESCO has selected Dr. Zabta Khan Shinwari as member of its World Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology COMEST.

The COMEST, established in 1998, has had a prominent voice in this debate, fulfilling its mandate as an independent advisory body that utilizes the collective intellectual power of its eminent members to provide guidance on these important ethical issues to UNESCO, the scientific community, decision makers and the public at large.

This Commission is composed of eighteen leading scholars belonging to diverse scientific, legal, philosophical and cultural fields from various regions of the world. UNESCO often chooses COMEST member from among eminent personalities in the fields of science, professional engineering, law, philosophy, culture, religion or politics.

Dr. Zabta Khan Shinwari has received various recognitions including UNESCO Laureate. He truly deserves COMEST membership which is granted by Director General UNESCO for four years tenure (2016 – 2019) of its next commission.

Under this charge, he will provide guidance on specific issues related to ethics of science and technology and will contribute in drafting texts for declarations through his recognized competence, experience and interest.

Dr. strongly believes in self-determination for achieving life ambitions as a prominent stimulating factor behind his perpetual success. His example inspires us towards making a personal commitment for becoming pride of our nation. He is indeed one of the most active and serving bioethicist.

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