The characteristic of water is that water have dull, no taste and fragrance-free. Water is essential for every type of life. All customs of life need water for its survival. Two third portion of human body is composed of water. We have to drink water as our life cannot exist without it. Water is necessary to perform different function for life. Water is used for cooking, to wash hands and to keep clean our body. All nutrients in plants are transported by water. Water prevents plants from heat stress by its cooling effect. All form of life like plants, animals and microbes would die in the absence of water in their body.

Reality of water which we drink:

In recent era condition of drinking water is not good as it contains more than two hundred life threatening chemicals. Besides these toxic chemicals, water also contains bacteria, viruses and inorganic substances. All these above mentioned factors make water unhealthy for drinking if not fatal. There are many methods for purification of drinking water like filtration, oxidation and chemicals. Water is treated with chemicals like chlorine, bromine, iodine, hydrogen peroxide and silver for purification. In chemicals chlorine is most commonly used to purify the drinking water. Chlorine is very good disinfectant as it kills bacteria and other microorganisms. But chlorine is worse than good as it cause heart diseases, high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries and cancer. Chlorine may have adverse effect on protein and may destroy skin and hair.

Benefits of water:

1. The element of life: Natural life cannot occur without water. We need water to keep our body hydrated. Water is a wonder cure of diseases such as headaches, fatigue, joint pain, and much more. We cannot live more than 3 days deprived of water.

2. Water in our Body:Water made up 80% of your blood, 70% of your lean muscles and 85% of your brain.There are lot of tissues in your body which have less water but the average is 50%.

3. Water Source: It is challenge for the body to get water any other source except water itself. From the body soft drink and alcohol steal remarkable amount of water

4. A Dynamic Role: in different body function water have a dynamic role. Daytime fatigue is caused by short of water.

5. Transports and metabolizes: Water is necessary for good breakdown, chemical reaction and absorption of nutrients. Water transport and metabolize the carbohydrates and proteins in our body which is used as food. Removal of excess material from our bodies is taking place through water.

6. Essentiality of water: For good circulation water is essential in our body. When body is fine dehydrated the intensities of oxygen in blood stream are bigger. Freely available more fats at the high oxygen in the body it will consume for energy without the occurrence of oxygen the body cannot utilize freely existing fats for energy profitably. Body in proper dehydrated not only burn more fat but oxygen intensities higher you will have high energy.

7. Removes toxins: Water eliminate poisons from the body as particular from digestive tract. Naturally water defeats the appetite and aids the body metabolize deposited fat. Fat stored is increase as a result of decrease in water intake, while reduce fat deposits in result of increase water intake.

8. Regulates Cooling System: Water normalize the body freshening system. Athletic drinks are valuable when spent after or during forceful and lengthy exercise in high heat. Maximum specialists decide that water works well than carbohydrates or sugared beverages for reasonable exercise.

9. Chronic Cellular Dehydration: Steady failure to drink satisfactory water can lead to Chronic Cellular Dehydration. This state where the body cells are not ever quite hydrated adequate leave them in a damaged state, susceptible to spasm from disease. It declines the bodys largely immune system and clues to chemical, nutritional and pH inequities that can cause a mass of diseases.

10. Dehydration may occur in winter season: Dehydration is the problem taking place throughout the year not only in summers, we constantly need adequate amount of water. Waterlessness that happens in the body duringwinter time is somewhat more dangerous than it is hot during summer season. One of the symptoms of being dehydrated is that we eat more than usual.

Diseases related to water:

Asepticism and cleanliness of water has great effect on both fitness and illness

Here are some diseases related to water

Diseases caused by micro-organism and different chemicals

Schistosomiasis is the disease, its casual organism livesa part of life in water

Malaria is a water related disease as its vector is depended to water to complete its life cycle

Drowning of organism and some other hurts

Problems of water: Obviously occurring contaminations in water can cause apparatus to be subject to polluting, measure formation, deterioration or rusting, and progress of microorganisms. Left wild, any of these situations will reason a loss of system capacity, reduced energy efficiency and shortened apparatus life. If a procedure heating, cooling or waste water scheme fails, often the whole plant or ability must shut down and suffer the financial concerns.Absence of attention to water-related problems is often the reason for disasters that cost time, money, production and aggravation.

Solving Water Problems: Water problem can be solved by using chemicals and linked mechanical means to regulator water related problems is portion of total water management. To control these problems chemical treatment as a portion of water managing, prolong equipment life, preserve water, and drive systems at highest efficiency. Overreal water management, industries can attainextreme return on investments by extending equipment life, aggregate efficiency and avoiding costly repairs as well as depressed time.

The authors are from the Department of Agronomy, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan. They can be reached at <> and <>

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