FAS opens up new market for US dairy cattle

STAFF REPORT LHR: The first US dairy cattle shipped to Pakistan in 17 years are loaded onto trucks for their journey to the FAS-supported demonstration farm at the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences near Lahore. US dairy cows are back in Pakistan for the first time in 17 years. More than 300 heifers arrived in Punjab on March 2, thanks to the efforts of USDAs Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS). Most of the dairy cows have been purchased by commercial dairy farms, but 73 Holsteins in the shipment will be delivered to a new model dairy farm that FAS has established to support the rapidly growing Pakistani dairy industry and create new opportunities for US exporters.

Pakistan is among the worlds largest dairy producers and is a great opportunity for US exporters. Most Pakistani dairy production comes from small, traditional farms, but modern, commercial dairies are starting to come online, as are high-yield livestock management practices.

The countrys adoption of intensive production practices is expected to be a good fit for higher-producing American breeds. With this in mind, FAS collaborated with UVAS near Lahore to establish the model dairy farm with funding support from the US Agency for International Development. The Pattoki Training and Research Demonstration Farm will train Pakistani students, herd managers, and extension agents, demonstrating the benefits of American dairy cows and ultimately helping generate demand for additional U.S. cattle and genetics exports to Pakistan.

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