6-year-old UK-Pakistani surprises world by PowerPoint skills

MONITORING REPORT ISB: Eight-year-old British Pakistani, Saadus Salam Khan, has become the worlds youngest MS Power Point specialist. He performed significantly higher on the free form distractibility index, achieving an IQ of 131. This placed him at the 98th percentile rank. He secured an IQ of 107 in the verbal comprehensive level, which indicates his superior concentration level.

Having a passion for math, he has solved math books of class 10 with the help of a tutor appointed by his parents. “He was keen to learn math and solve all the books of senior grades,” says his mother Muniza while talking about why she felt the need to hire a tutor for him.

“He used to show interest in maps, too, and now he can mark countries and many cities in an unmarked map,” says his father, explaining why he brings unmarked maps for Saad.

The prodigy also has an interest in playing football and cricket with his two best friends in the street near his building in Gulistan-e-Jauhar. “I spend two hours downstairs playing with my two friends daily,” says Saad excitedly, who lives on the fifth floor of the second phase of the Billys Paradise Apartments.

So far, Saad has solved all topics of class 10 math and has started working on class 11 books. He has solved everything from logarithms to trigonometry and factorisations to matrices.

Meanwhile, his mathematics tutor, Haider Zaidi, says Saad is brilliant and ahead of his age. “I am teaching him since the last three years and he does not need any help in mathematics of his class,” says Zaidi, adding that Saad will be complete solving class 11 math by the end of this month.

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