Environmental Science vs Three Idiots

Thousands of years ago, there were three friends named Physics, Chemistry and Biology who were sitting under the Neem Tree of Thar. All three were silent and were deep-thinking about something. Physics used to look up to the tree and was very interested in investigating the nature and its interaction with matter and energy. Chemistry would look down in to the earth and was very fond of analyzing the chemicals present in the natural earth. Biology often looked straight and was crazy for any new living process or living thing his mind and eyes observed and encounter with.

While all three idiots were busy in their own thinking process, for their surprise, they saw a beam from the sun coming towards them! Physics shouted that it was a composite attack from energy and mattersulted due to yawning of sun. He argued that they cannot save ourself and this attack is an ultimate warning from nature and we can neither stop nor destroy this attack!

Chemistry screamed and stated that was a mixture of different poisonous gases which produced inside the sun and comes out due to the sneezing of sun! He argued that when this junk of chemicals touches the earth then every chemical inside the earth comes out and earth could not sustain life anymore!

Biology astonished and by slapping to both Physics and Chemistry commented, that is actually a largest tissue of cells made up of all kind of viruses, bacteria and other microorganism! He argued that this happens once in a life time of earth that such kind of dangerous microbes flee to the sun where there were a safe site to make them sustain for a short period of life. Now that short period of time is ended and during that time they all got their immune system very strong that they cannot be killed with any man-made technology!

All three idiots of science were disproved by that beam that seemingly came from sun but the fact is opposite. When a beam approached to the tree, it appeared in to the form of Alien type of creature. Before trying to be uttered by three idiots of science, the alien started introducing himself and told them that, I am neither Physics nor Chemistry and not even biology. You people have created a disperse attitude and divided yourself in three most important scientific fields despite the fact that you all are connected and inter-related but I am a collective aspects of you all!

All shouted at the same time “Collective Aspects!!!”

Yes! Your task is to work on the different fields and you all has got different ideas and perceptions about the earth and its properties but my priority is to combine all you idiots in one platform so that everything will be understood clearly. As the Nature is very simple so is their whole property. As the reality tells itself that chemical science, physical science and biological science are three different aspects of science but due to their interaction among each other, they are widely misunderstood and misinterpreted! This ambiguity is created by you three idiots and I have been sent by the Nature to either kills you or emerge you into one inter-discipline! They agreed for the 2nd option and what the Alien did is to get the hand of chemistry, feet of physics and head of biology to touch each other which resulted in to the creation of integrated discipline – Environmental Science that revolutionizes the whole world with one slogan i.e. “Think globally, Act locally”

The writer is an Environmental Researcher in the PCSIR, Karachi

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