SBASSE-LUMS publishes research on low-cost solar cells

STAFF REPORT ISB: Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering (SBASSE) LUMS research team has recently published its research on cost-effective solar based cells investigating the way towards a maintainable answer for the energy crisis. Solar is albeit a standout amongst the most bottomless wellspring of clean energy at Earth yet the expense to change it into power is the principle hindrance thwarting its pervasive use in the present energy blend of our nation.

The research group drove by Dr Nauman Zafar Butt, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering at SBASEE is examining a minimal effort process for silicon-based solar powered cells which utilize a generally looked into nonmaterial called graphene. Being basically a solitary sheet of carbon molecules, graphene has surprising optoelectronic properties with minimal effort routines for development and statement.

The proposed solar cells require a physical model which enough records for the special quantum mechanical impacts of graphene. Working with his PhD understudy Hassan Imran, Dr Butt has built up the first quantitative and self-predictable model for half and half graphene/silicon solar based cells. The model is material for other half and half silicon solar oriented cells which utilize an alternate nanomaterial as an emitter, for example, the carbon nanotubes.

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