FUU launches Pakistans first ever Emergency Rescue Mobile App

STAFF REPORT KHI: A mobile application aiming at providing emergency rescue communication utility has been launched by Federal Urdu University, Karachi. This mobile application is the unprecedented effort in this regard, and it can be downloaded to any android smartphone.

The user code is assigned by app to particular user which can be shared with the acquaintances and close family circle and in case of emergency situation. The user is only required to speak the code if stranded in an emergency situation and the app automatically sends alert messages to the given contacts which are fed into the app by the user.

The faculty members who are also developers of the app said while commenting on the app, “This is an extremely useful application and it is an honour for us and all of Federal Urdu University for being part of this ecstatic project that ensures quick communication to the contacts by any emergency struck person. The earthquakes, floods, or any other catastrophe usually disconnects the affected persons from the rest and hence they need effective technological support to reach out to the rescuers, this app is intended to bridge this gap and proves to be a good addition in the Pakistans app arsenal”.

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