Alternative energy is the way forward for sustainable energy infrastructure: Speakers

STAFF REPORT ISB: The two-day international conference with the theme Renewable Energy Trade Mission was organized by Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) with the aim to develop a business-friendly environment for foreign investors in the alternative energy sector including solar, the wind etc. The partner organization of the event was Middle East Solar Industry Associations (MESIA).

The meeting pulled in the energetic cooperation from every single driving Pakistan endeavors and financial specialists working in the renewable-vitality industry. The Chief Executive Officer of Reon Energy Ltd, Inamur Rahman expressed amid his location to the meeting, “The event has made numerous awesome open doors for us to draw in, learn and band together with widely acclaimed specialists and worldwide innovation pioneers in renewable energy. Reon anticipates associations and endeavors in the renewable energy sector”.

Renowned national and international companies representatives, government and public sector stakeholders, researchers, students, the general public, and participants from academia were present in the conference. The awareness was created with the conference by underscoring numerous benefits of alternative energy and the vital role it can play to create a self-sufficient economy and meet country`s energy needs efficiently.

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