Water pollution in Faisalabad

THERE IS an old saying “Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans”. Life exists on this planet just due to the one reason “water”. The cheapest and the most abundant thing present in our environment is water which is necessary for life from prokaryotes to the complex organisms like humans. All life which we see in our life exists just due to the one factor “water”. Of course other factors are also important but water is the key for life.

Even in space life exploring project water is consider as key factor. But unfortunately as technology improves, scientists are able to detect more pollutants, and at smaller concentrations, in Earths freshwater bodies. Containing traces of contaminants ranging from birth control pills and sunscreen to pesticides and petroleum, our planets lakes, rivers, streams, and groundwater are often a chemical cocktail. We are continuously destroying the basic key for life. In advanced countries people are careful about water pollution and resources consumption but in third world like Pakistan people are concerned about just one thing “hunger”.

Health is secondary issue thats why average life in Pakistan is nearly 60 years. The main reason for casualties in Pakistan is impure water and lack of health awareness. Faisalabad is the textile hub of Pakistan and Textile in 9.5%and it provides job for 15 million. But the waste of this industry is directly poring into fresh water resources and it is destroying the underground water resources as well. Drinking Water Pollution and Inaccessibility in Faisalabad is nearly 82.14 whichstands in “very high”.

Beyond synthetic pollution, freshwater is also the end point for biological waste, in the form of human sewage, animal excrement. In the absence of adequate treatment facilities and effective drainage system these nutrients find their way through seepage into underground water system.

Data from DHQ Hospital also shed some light upon the water status of city. According the data of the total 4,506 patients, 2,678 were males and 1,828 females, with 1,196(26.54%) having gastrointes¬tinal diseases, this being the highest among all the disease groups. The present study shows that gastrointestinal dis¬eases are most prevalent in the area mounting to 26.54% of total admissions. The injuries group which includes accidents and homicidal cases is second in frequency and accounts for 17.64% of total cases.

Hepatitis is the second major problem due to drinking water. About 24% of population suffers from hepatitis-C. This could be due to usual ingestion of adulterated food and poor quality of drinking water. The Allied hospital administration had screened 57,452 patients in 2014 out of which 16013 tested positive for hepatitis-C, diarrhea, bloating, fever, vomiting, abdominal discomfort, dysentery etc are also caused by drinking water contaminated with disease causing microorganisms.

Water is the main reasons for such no of high cases in the city. Water is basic necessity so the precautions should be taken regarding this serious issue.

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