MFA, Azerbaijan pledges to support ECOSF

STAFF REPORT ISB: President ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF) Prof Dr Manzoor Hussain Soomro held a meeting with the focal person of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Republic of Azerbaijan during his official visit. For the advantage of MFA, Marat Kangarlinski, Head of the Dept. of Humanitarian and Social Issues, was assigned to meet Dr Soomro. The purpose of meeting was to identify the areas of cooperation amongst the both counterparts in order to boost SandT activities.

President ECOSF also underlined on the prerequisite for affirmation of ECOSF Charter and its Additional Protocol by the Republic of Azerbaijan, as a dynamic part state of ECO. He moreover highlighted the importance of SandT Fund of the Foundation and requested Azerbaijan Government to generously add to the Fund for beginning synergistic examination wanders among the partner states.

Kangarlinski welcomed Dr Soomro to Azerbaijan for the advantage of MFA, Government of Azerbaijan. Dr Soomro in the wake of communicating appreciation toward the hosts for the welcome and time for the meeting introduced the ECOSF, its experience and focuses and objectives.

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